AI = RS Artificial Intelligence equals Real Stupidity. The next global pandemic will be stupidity

Artificial versus Real:

With the introduction of cars (processed food, sugar and AS...artificial sweetener, but that is a different blog) we as a society became dependent on them and we have become fat, slow and lazy! I am very concerned that the same thing will and is happening with AI. As AI is making our brains fat, slow and lazy.

The best education is anything that teaches us to think. Remember us all saying ....."but when am I ever going to use this?" about classes in school. Well it was not so much about the content and more about exercising your brain. We just seem to be doing much less thinking more and more every day.

Younger people today seem to be challenged with the simplest of tasks like reading an analogue clock, they are struggling to read cursive and without their phone math is next to impossible. Most general publications in North America are written at the grade six level. This is done to encourage sales because most people in our Continent have a reading comprehension of that level, the six grade level. If you don't believe me, do you remember the recent quiz show, "Are you Smarter than a 5th Grader?" Well on that show we not only celebrated adults who could complete simple questions from a grade 1-5 curriculum, they also go rewarded with larges amounts of cash for doing it.

We are getting brain lazy!  We are so willing to allow a "robot" to do our brain work for us!!! If you are worried about AI taking over you should be. We are definitely bringing a knife to a gun fight in this situation.

I am certain the intellectual elite will take full advantage of AI and create amazing things. However, I am very fearful that the majority of our population will not!

Often people are amazed at how I think. They often notice and are amazed at how I am able to breakdown situations and come up with what seem to be very simple yet very effective plans or actions to solve most problems. I have been told often that I think "differently". I realized that is not true, I do not think "differently", I just think.

We need to start exercising our mind. Using our brain that we have so that we can continue to think for ourselves. Please do not become a stupidity pandemic casualty!


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